How do I care for my cutting board?

All of our heirloom cutting boards are hand crafted from a variety of wood species. They will last a lifetime if taken care of properly. Each board when you receive it has been treated with a food safe preservative composed of mineral oil and beeswax. Water and dryness are the enemies with one causing the other. Frequent application of any food safe (except Olive Oil) oil will help preserve the original beauty of your board. Mineral Oil available at any Pharmacy is clear and preferred but any light cooking oil will also suffice. Olive oil is a preservative but can darken your cutting board and may turn rancid….avoid it. Other products commercially available at your local Home Center store like Home Depot or Lowes are offered especially suited for this use. 

When you first receive your board you will need to coat it frequently until the wood becomes naturally saturated. Once this occurs (after about a month) you can apply less often depending of course on heaviness of use. 

 If you have questions never hesitate to write. We want you to enjoy your cutting board for years to come!