Stainless Damascus Cleaver - No One Alike

Stainless Damascus Cleaver

Regular price $ 255

6.5in Long by Tapered 3.25in Wide Blade 

Hand Forged Stainless Damascus Steel, 67 Layers

Extremely Lightweight and Scary Sharp!

Stabilized Hand Turned Wooden Handle

Quilted Metal Pins

Wood Types: Buckeye Burl, Spalted Maple, Dyed Blue Maple Burl, Dyed Red Maple Burl, Pacific Northwest Maple 

The handles need to be oiled with a clear oil preferably Mineral oil over time and are not dishwasher safe. We recommend a diamond steel rod for sharpening over the years. All the layers in Damascus makes it the strongest steel out there and therefore it keeps the edge the longest. 

Please message us with your wood preference, or for current photographs of available knives in this style. 803-528-1848

At this time, we are not taking custom knife orders.